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CSR Basic Philosophy


Since its establishment in September 1953, TAIYO HOLDINGS has continued to grow thanks to the trust placed in it by the stakeholders, including its shareholders, customers, and business partners.
In order to continue to respond to that trust and grow together, all directors and employees of Taiyo Group will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by taking a consistently forward-looking approach to business activities and observing ethics and laws.
In order to fulfill these responsibilities, Taiyo Group has established a corporate CSR Philosophy and a Code of Conduct, and is involved in a variety of CSR activities through its CSR organization comprising of various management systems and committees.
The directors and employees of Taiyo Group will strive to create a company that is trusted by society and is actively involved in CSR activities.

CSR Philosophy

We will discharge our corporate social responsibility, including complying with the law, protecting the environment, ensuring thorough quality management, and contributing to society.

Code of Conduct

In order to put our CSR Philosophy into practice, Taiyo Group will abide by the following items:

1. Ethical and Legal Compliance

We will observe laws and other social norms, and understanding the spirit thereof, will act openly and fairly.

2. Workplace Environment

We will respect employees' human rights, and create a workplace that is fair and free of discrimination.

3. Fair Business Dealings

We will deal with all our business partners in an honest manner and conduct business with them based on impartial and fair business conditions.

4. Respect for Stakeholders

We will always conduct business activities with respect for the viewpoints of all our stakeholders, and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

5. Ensuring Confidentiality

We will work to ensure the protection of confidential information related to our business partners, the company itself, and any individual.

6. Ensuring Quality (Quality Policy)

We will ensure that we always provide safe, quality products that satisfy our customers.

7. Protecting the Environment (Basic Environmental Philosophy)

We will endeavor to protect the environment as part of the performance of our social responsibility, and will engage in business activities that are in harmony with the environment.

8. Ensuring Information Security (Basic Information Security Philosophy)

In the interests of customer trust and satisfaction, we will work to maintain or improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all our information assets.

9. Social Contributions

As members of society, we will engage in activities that contribute to society.

10. Protecting Intellectual Property

We will take appropriate precautions to protect Taiyo Group's intellectual property rights, and those of third parties.

11. Exclusion of Anti-social Forces

We will take a resolute stance towards anti-social forces and will not respond in any way to illegal or improper demands.


Undertakings related to Ethical and Legal Compliance

As part of its corporate social responsibility, we have established an Ethical and Legal Compliance System, which began operation on April 1, 2004.
In addition to providing a Compliance Manual, TAIYO HOLDINGS has established various related regulations and guidelines, and acts with an understanding of the nature of these.
TAIYO HOLDINGS has also established internal and external hotlines to prevent the expansion of risk.

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