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President's Message

We, the Taiyo Group, are a specialty chemical manufacturer that proudly holds a top-class share in the global market for solder resist, a material that forms an essential component of the printed wiring boards used in cellular phones, computers, and other IT equipment, as well as in digital home electronics, in electronic equipment installed in automobiles, and a variety of other electronic devices.

Originally established in 1953 as Taiyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell printing ink and other related materials, we took a great step forward by shifting our business segment and making solder resist our principal product in 1976. This adventurous transformation was underpinned by our confidence in our technological capabilities.
Now, we are targeting further growth, and based as ever on the technological capabilities accumulated in the development and manufacture of solder resist, we have redefined the management philosophy that is to be regarded as the Taiyo Group’s management philosophy: To realize a “pleasant society” by further advancing “every technology” the Group has and creating a wide range of products to help fulfill the dreams for the whole world not just with solder resist but also with other innovative products we create.

In addition to consolidating our solid No. 1 position in the field of solder resist, we will focus on research and development and on cultivating businesses that will also underpin new growth in the years to come.

Please look for exciting things from the Taiyo Group as we work toward new developments.

Eiji Sato, President and CEO