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Performance Overview

  • Net sales for the three months ended June 30, 2018 were 14,852 million yen (up 19.5% year on year). Operating income was 2,696 million yen (down 0.7% year on year), and ordinary income was 2,675 million yen (down 0.3% year on year). Profit attributable to owners of parent rose to 1,869 million yen (up 1.3% year on year).

    The following are results by segment.

    ■Electronics Materials Segment
    Sales of rigid board materials benefitted from strong demand for vehicle installation parts. Sales of PKG board materials were also strong due to firm demand for memory components. This performance, combined with the negative impact of yen appreciation compared to the same period last year, resulted in net sales of 12,633 million yen (up 4.8% year on year) and segment profit of 2,951 million yen (up 1.2% year on year).

    ■Medical and Pharmaceuticals Segment
    With the establishment of Taiyo Pharma Co., Ltd. in August 2017, we acquired approval for the manufacture and sale of 13 long-listed products as well as the manufacturing and sales rights. Our medical and pharmaceuticals business became fully operational in January 2018. During the first three months ended June 30, 2018, we completed the transfer of manufacturing and sales approvals for four products. This resulted in net sales of 1,579 million yen and segment profit of 68 million yen.

(Unit: millions of yen)

Item FY2018 Q1
FY2019 Q1
Change Percentage Change
Net Sales 12,425 14,852 +2,427 +19.5%
Operating Income 2,714 2,696 -18 -0.7%
Ordinary Income 2,683 2,675 -8 -0.3%
Profit attributable
to owners of parent
1,844 1,869 +25 +1.3%