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President's Message

The Taiyo Group is a chemical manufacturer. We boast a world-class market share for solder resist products, an element that is critical to the printed circuit boards used in all types of electronics, including IT devices such as mobile phones and computers, digital appliances, and vehicle electronics.

Taiyo was established in 1953 as Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. a business specializing in the manufacturing and sales of inks and related materials. In 1976 we made a dynamic change in direction, shifting our main business domain to focus on the manufacturing of solder resist products. Supporting this decision was our confidence in our technical capabilities.

To achieve further growth, the Taiyo Group has revised our corporate philosophy. This change reflects our commitment to applying the technology cultivated through solder resist development and manufacturing as a platform through which each member of the Taiyo Group strives to improve every aspect of our technology and promote the development of innovative products in new fields. This new philosophy reflects our desire to exist as a corporate group that supports dreams by providing global markets with products that contribute to the realization of an enjoyable society.

Through this philosophy, we aim to shift from a structure that is highly dependent on solder resist products and propel our Group into becoming a comprehensive chemical company. To realize this goal, we are focusing on new business development in the fields of food, energy, medical and pharmaceuticals.

Aiming to grow the medical and pharmaceutical business into a second pillar of Group business, we will make concentrated efforts towards growing operations in these fields. Having obtained licensing for the manufacturing and sales of 14 long-term listed products, on October 1, 2019, we acquired the Takatsuki Plant of the Daiichi Sankyo Group. Through this acquisition, we will establish a domestic manufacturing facility. Moving forward, we will continue to acquire long-term listed products while also working to expand our overseas network as we aim for global business expansion.

We hope you will look forward to new horizons for the Taiyo Group.

Eiji Sato, President and CEO