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President's Message

For a cheerful society

Our organization is a chemical manufacturer. We boast a world-class market share for solder resist products, an element that is critical to the printed circuit boards used in all types of electronics, including IT devices such as smartphones and computers, digital appliances, and vehicle electronics.

Taiyo was established in 1953 as Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. a business specializing in the manufacturing and sales of inks and related materials. In 1976 we made a dynamic change in direction, shifting our main business domain to focus on the manufacturing of solder resist products. Supporting this decision was our confidence in our technical capabilities.
Another important year was 2013. In that year, we redefined our management philosophy, introducing the slogan “for a cheerful society.” Specifically, we clarified that our reason for existing as an organization is to supply wonder products that make the world go round a little smoother. Since then, we have enjoyed sustained business growth in multiple directions. Underpinning this growth is our longstanding technological prowess in solder resists, coupled with a mindset of excellence and innovation—every company in the Taiyo family commits to raising the technological bar that bit further to create groundbreaking products.
Our management philosophy requires us to go global. As part of our global expansion, we are investing in new business sectors. Food and energy are two areas where we are making inroads, but progress has been particularly striking in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, to the extent that it is now a second growth driver for us. Our pharma business continues to steadily grow its manufacturing and selling operations. It has also started providing contracted manufacturing services for pharmaceutical products. For these contracted operations, we are bolstering production infrastructure in Japan and building a global supply network. We are also working on high-quality items.

In these uncertain times, we require long-view thinking to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape in pursuit of our management philosophy. Accordingly, we have established a long-term plan, setting out where we want to be in 2030. The plan, titled “Beyond Imagination 2030,” expresses our hopes of forging a future beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Both slogans, “Beyond Imagination 2030” and “for a cheerful society,” represent our strategic focus in the months and years ahead.

I look forward to sharing more exciting news as we go forward with our vision.

Eiji Sato, President and CEO