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New Products

Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive

Substitute material for connectors and ACFs to meet high requirement in precision


  • Quick cure at low temperature
  • Low pressure connection
  • Connectable to lower profile patterns
  • Stable electrical characteristics and high insulation reliability
  • Easy reworkability



Photoimageable Coverlay Film

Photoimageable polyimide film with coexistence of high resolution and excellent bendability


  • Applicable to current PWB photolithography process
  • Excellent heat resistance and bendability
  • High resolution pattern formation with alkaline developing
  • High insulation reliability for electromagnetic interference sheild
  • UL-94 VTM-0 certified product


  • Flexible printed circuits (FPCs)

Photoimageable Interlayer Insulating Materials

Photoimageable insulating materials with high resolution and excellent electrical insulation


  • High resolution

    Via opening below 6μmφ

    6μmφ Via

  • High insulation reliability

    Insulating property above 300 hours (BHAST)

    BHAST cross section view

    Cu mapping image

  • Excellent physical properties

    Tg: 180℃Tensile modulus: 3.5GPa

  • High adhension

    Sputtering wiring adhesion above 6N/cm

  • Developable in alkaline aqueous solution

  • Dry film-type


  • Build-up boards, interposers, redistribution layer of wafer level packages

Stretchable Conductive Paste

Electro-conductive material for Stretchable electronics


  • Low temperature process
  • Screen printable
  • Highly stretchable conductors on elastic film substrates
  • No crack after stretching
  • Electrical conductivity is maintained after at stretching


Stretchable conductors of electronic devises for "Wearable market", where "Stretchability" is required.

White Dry Film Solder Resist of Photo-imageable and high reflective type

Photo-imageable White Dry Film Solder Resist that obtains optimum high-reflection for Mini LED board.


  • High Reflectivity in visible light areas
  • Response to Direct image exposure
  • Excellent surface flatness and uniformity of high reflection
  • Stable reflectivity even when exposed to Blue LED


PCB For Mini LED, LED Backlight, LED lighting