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About MID

MID stands for molded interconnect device. MID are injection-molded plastic parts with integrated electronic circuit wiring to enable mechanical or electrical applications.

MID (Molded Interconnected device)


Conventional boards are flat and square-shaped devices. With MID, wiring is patterned onto the surface of the molded product, providing freedom in board configuration and design.

Merits of using MID

MID merits

The product size reductions and integration achieved by combining MID technology with component mounting is expected to increase installation efficiency.

Molded Interconnect Device (MID) manufacturing process

MID manufacturing process

MID manufacturing process
  • (1) Using machining or injection mold to form a housing
  • (2) Form electrical circuits on housing surface
  • (3) Apply solder resist
  • (4) Component mounting

MID samples

MID samples
LED coaster

Solder resist for MID

Solder resist for MID

Applying solder resist to MID provides circuit protection and enables component mounting, creating new possibilities for printed circuit boards.
Taiyo Ink Mfg., Co., Ltd. offers solder resist for various types of MID materials.
Feel free to contact us for information on solder resist sales and coating work.

Solder resist coating example (spray coating)

Incorporate MID to turn your technology into reality.
Taiyo Ink Mfg., Co., Ltd. will support your manufacturing needs.
Feel free to contact us with inquiries.

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