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Performance Overview

  • Net sales for the consolidated fiscal year ended March 31, 2020 were 70,627 million yen (up 18.9% year on year). Operating income was 9,136 million yen (up 12.8% year on year), ordinary income was 8,898 million yen (up 11.0% year on year), and profit attributable to owners of parent was 3,749 million yen (down 14.7% year on year).

    Results by segment were as follows.
    The Group divides its business into two segments, Electronics Materials and Medical and Pharmaceuticals, based on operating subsidiaries.

    ■Electronics Materials
    Demand for rigid board materials for vehicle installation parts declined due to the decline in global new vehicle sales. However, strong sales for parts used in consumer products, mainly in China, kept overall sales volume for rigid board materials on par with the previous fiscal year. Sales volume for semiconductor package board materials outperformed the previous fiscal year owing to a rebound in the semiconductor market on the back of growth in PC sales volume and server demand. As a result, net sales amounted to 48,884 million yen (up 1.7% year on year), and segment profit fell 0.2% year on year to 10,441 million yen.

    ■Medical and Pharmaceuticals
    At Taiyo Pharma Co., Ltd., the transfer of one long-term listed product was completed in October 2019. The company now possesses approval for the manufacture and sale of 14 products. Taiyo Pharma Tech Co., Ltd., which manufactures pharmaceuticals on consignment, was also added to the Group from October 2019. These additions resulted in net sales of 18,215 million yen (up 137.8% year on year), and segment profit of 1,286 million yen (compared to a segment loss of 351 million yen in the previous fiscal year.)

(Unit: millions of yen)

Item FY2019
Change Percentage Change
Net Sales 59,389 70,627 11,238 18.9%
Operating Income 8,099 9,136 1,037 12.8%
Ordinary Income 8,014 8,898 884 11.0%
Profit attributable
to owners of parent
4,396 3,749 -647 -14.7%