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Performance Overview

  • Net sales for the consolidated fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 were 80,991 million yen (up 14.7% year on year). Operating income was 13,943 million yen (up 52.6% year on year), ordinary income was 13,819 million yen (up 55.3% year on year), and profit attributable to owners of parent was 9,529 million yen (up 154.1% year on year).

    Results by segment were as follows.
    The Group divides its business into two segments, Electronics Materials and Medical and Pharmaceuticals, based on operating subsidiaries.

    ■Electronics Materials
    Despite the negative impact on sales of rigid board materials from the slump in vehicle sales due to the COVID19 pandemic, overall sales were steady as demand for automotive related products rebounded, mainly in the Chinese market from the third quarter. Sales volume also outperformed the previous fiscal year due to strong sales of materials for consumer electronics and materials for servers and smartphones.
    Sales volume for semiconductor package board materials outperformed the previous fiscal year due to growth in the semiconductor market stemming from an increase in demand for servers and data centers, and for PC and tablet devices owing to commercial application of 5th-generation mobile communication systems (5G) and the expansion of global telecommuting and other new workstyles. As a result, net sales amounted to 53,096 million yen (up 8.6% year on year), and segment profit came to 11,208 million yen (up 20.3% year on year.)

    ■Medical and Pharmaceuticals
    The 14 long-listed products handled by Taiyo Pharma Co., Ltd. performed in generally line with expectations overall. However, sales declined for some products as a decrease in the number of patients was seen due to changes in the willingness of people to seek medical care and restrictions on access to medical institutions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales of 4 new long-listed products transferred from AstraZeneca K.K. in April 2020 also trended as expected. The contracted manufacturing sales of Taiyo Pharma Tech Co., Ltd., which took over the pharmaceuticals contracting manufacturing business from Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited in October 2019, were generally in line with expectations overall, despite a greater than expected decline in volume consigned for some products due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    These additions resulted in net sales of 24,553 million yen (up 34.8% year on year), and segment profit of 3,837 million yen (up 200.5% year on year.)

(Unit: millions of yen)

Item FY2020
Change Percentage Change
Net Sales 70,627 80,991 10,364 15%
Operating Income 9,136 13,943 4,807 53%
Ordinary Income 8,898 13,819 4,921 55%
Profit attributable
to owners of parent
3,749 9,529 5,780 154%