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Social Media Policy

This social media policy sets out the standards you can expect us to uphold when we engage on social media using our official accounts. It also includes some precautions and disclaimers you should be aware of when engaging with these accounts.

Why we use social media

We use social media to connect with consumers and attract attention to our brand.

How we define social media

We define social media as services that people use for sharing user-generated content (such as text comments, images, and videos) and for creating online communities with other users. Examples of such services include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LINE.

We operate the following official accounts on social media:

■Instagram : taiyo_holdings
■Youtube : 太陽ホールディングス株式会社チャンネル
      (English: Taiyo Holdings Channel)
■Twitter : @Taiyo_hd

The standards we uphold when engaging on social media

1. We always think twice before posting anything online. On social media, you can share content in an instant. But once you post, the contents become public for all the world to see and it may not be possible to remove the post. We always bear this in mind before hitting send.

2. We do not post anything containing confidential, personal, or sensitive information related to you, another user or customer, a third party (such as a business partner of Taiyo Holdings), or us.

3. We avoid posting anything that might defame someone or tarnish someone’s reputation.

4. We ensure that whatever we post complies with legal and regulatory requirements, including those related to copyright.

5. We respect and value your online responses and feedback and conduct ourselves online in a respectable manner that will earn your trust.

6. We avoid posting (or sharing, liking, commenting on, etc.) any content that is abusive, demeaning, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate.

7. We take care to verify the accuracy of information we post in an effort to avoid spreading false or misleading information online.

8. We avoid posting or sharing any of the following content:

  - Content that is demeaning or discriminatory or that is likely to encourage discrimination

  - Content that is illegal or that is likely to incite illegal activity.

  - False advertising (promotional content that is inaccurate)

  - Content connected with third-party content that is offensive or obscene

  - Content that infringes other people’s rights

  - Content that otherwise offends standards of public decency

What to be aware of when engaging with our social media accounts

1. Although we are confident that the content we display on our accounts is accurate and relevant at the time we post it, we may sometimes have to alter the content subsequently to reflect new circumstances.

2. We reserve the right to suspend any of our social accounts at our own discretion and with no prior notice.

3. We reserve the right to report and delete spam posts (junk emails, fake ads, etc.) and any comments replying to such, and to block the accounts in question, if we conclude that they are disrupting our social media account, infringing the rights of a third party, or are otherwise inappropriate. We may also take such action if any of the following behaviors occur:

  - Any behavior that infringes, or could potentially infringe, the human rights or intellectual property rights (such as copyright, trademark rights, or image rights ) of Taiyo Holdings, another user, or a third party

  - Posting content or any other behavior that infringes the privacy of another user or a third party

  - Any behavior that defames a specified individual or organization, including Taiyo Holdings, another user, or a third party

  - Using the social media account for political, religious, or commercial purposes

  - Any behavior that harms another user or a third party

  - Posting harmful, obscene, or abusive content, or any content containing inappropriate language

  - Posting content with discriminatory language or content likely to upset or offend others

  - Posting false or inaccurate content, misinformation, or content supporting or encouraging misinformation

  - Behavior leading to, or likely to lead to, criminal activity

  - Uploading or linking to harmful software

  - Using a fake identity or impersonating someone in order to share information about another person

  - Any behavior that disrupts our operation of the social media account or tarnishes our reputation

  - Any other behavior that we may deem inappropriate

4. We may analyze the comments or content you post as part of our marketing analytics or as part of other analytical processes designed to inform our future business activities. In such a case, you have no right to compensation for the use of your data and no right over any product, service, or business that may result from the analysis.

5. We have no control over the content posted by third parties. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage, dispute, or litigation that you may incur from using third-party content.

6. The content we post on our social media accounts is protected by Japanese copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and other legal and regulatory protections for copyright. Except in cases where we give special permission to use this content, it is piracy (as defined by the above legal and regulatory protections) or otherwise illegal to use (e.g. duplicate, modify, upload, share, email, distribute, or sell) the content beyond non-commercial or private purposes or beyond purposes that are explicitly permitted in law as fair use.


Any personal information you share with us will be protected in accordance with our Policy for Protection of Information

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this policy without prior notice. Any change we make will be deemed in effect from the time we publish the updated policy our website.