• Alkaline Developable Solder Resist
    Indicates developable solder resist that uses an alkaline aqueous solution as a developer. It is more environmentally-friendly than other developable masks (e.g. solvent developable masks).
  • BGA (Ball Grid Array)
    An integrated circuit package that enables high-density mounting. A surface-mounted package that employs solder balls arranged in a grid pattern on its underside as connection terminals for printed wiring boards.
  • Black Stripe
    Black bands within the panel that reduce the reflection of external light. Black stripes ensure that black colors appear crisp and clear, and provides sharp images with good contrast. Also referred to as "black matrix".
  • Build-up Board
    A high-density printed wiring board consisting of a core (base) board on top of which conductive and insulating layers are laid alternatively.
  • Build-up Method
    A method used to create high-density printed wiring boards by layering conductive layers and insulating layers on top of one another on a core (base) board.