• Coverlay
    A protective cover with insulating properties used only on flexible printed wiring boards. In the same way as solder resist, circuits necessary for connections can be selectively exposed, while other circuits are protected from dust and moisture. The film type is generally referred to as "coverlay film" and the liquid type as "coverlay ink" or "overcoat".
  • CSP
    (Chip-Size Package/Chip-Scale Package)
    A generic term for packages that are the same size as, or slightly larger than, a chip.
  • Curtain Coat
    A method in which low-viscosity solder resist is dropped in a curtain and boards are passed through it, covering the entire surface of the board in solder resist.
  • Developable Solder Resist
    A solder resist capable of forming microscopic circuit patterns by exposing and developing negative film with a circuit pattern onto a printed wiring board, in order to make microscopic circuit patterns on printed wiring boards.
  • Electrode Material
    Material in the form of a paste that is used to create the electrodes that are formed on the front and rear substrates of plasma display panels.
  • Electroless Plating
    A method that employs a chemical reaction to plate insulators. There are two methods: one in which metallic ions in the plating solution are reduced and separated by means of a reducing agent, and another in which metals in the plating solution are displaced and separated by the item to be plated.
  • Etching
    Refers to the process whereby unnecessary parts are removed from conductors on an insulated board by either chemical or electrochemical means, when forming conductor patterns.