• Flexible Printed Wiring Board
    A soft, flexible board made from polyester or polyimide film coated with copper foil.
  • FPD (Flat Panel Display)
    A generic term for liquid crystal displays (LCDs), plasma display panels (PDPs), and other flat panel displays.
  • Halogen Free
    Inks that do not contain dioxin-producing halogens, such as chlorine or bromine (JPCA Standard ES01-2003. Max. permissible level of chlorine/bromine: 900 ppm. Max. permissible total: 1,500 ppm).
  • ISO 14000 Series
    An international standard that regulates requirements for environmental management systems aimed at the reduction and prevention of significant environmental risks and environmental impact imposed, or indirectly imposed, by the activities, products, or services of organizations.
  • Legend Ink
    An ink that is printed onto the surface of printed wiring boards in order to indicate names, specified positions, and other information relating to mounted electronic components.
  • Mother board
    A printed wiring board embedded in electronic devices that contains LSI circuits, resistors, capacitors, and other components in a single unit.
  • Multilayer Printed Wiring Board
    A printed wiring board that contains insulating layers sandwiched between three or more conductive layers. Multilayer boards allow connections to be formed mutually between arbitrary conductive layers, and between terminals of mounted electrical components and arbitrary conductive layers.