• Package Board
    (Module Board)
    A type of printed wiring board used as an interposer when mounting semiconductors such as computer CPUs or memory.
  • PDP (Plasma Display Panel)
    The glass panels used in PDP TVs. PDPs are constructed from two thin glass panels between which rare gases are injected. Light and color can be emitted by adding a voltage to the gas and focusing the ultraviolet rays thereby produced onto fluorescent material.
  • PGA (Pin Grid Array)
    An insertable package with external connecting pins arrayed in a grid pattern on its underside.
  • Photo Via Hole
    A blind via hole formed by exposure and development using a photomask and coated with a photosensitive insulating layer. This technique improves productivity because it allows batch formation of miniature diameter via holes.
  • Plastic Package
    Packages (modules) with base materials made of plastics such as glass epoxy.
  • Plating Mask
    A solder resist that is used on areas that do not require plating (i.e. areas excluding the pattern) in the patterning and plating processes. Ink or dry film are used as plating masks, and are removed after plating is completed.
  • PWB (Printed Wiring Board)
    A board consisting of a conductive wiring pattern formed on an insulated board via chemical means such as plating or etching, or via conductive paste.
  • QS 9000
    An international quality standard developed by the "Big Three" US automakers. QS 9000 is based on the ISO 9001 standard, but also incorporates items specific to the automobile industry.