• Rigid Boards/Rigid PWBs
    Printed wiring boards that employ insulating boards made of hard materials.
  • Screen Print
    A method of transparent printing whereby a fabric cloth (the screen) is placed on top of the board and solder resist applied to the screen is printed onto the board by applying pressure using a rubber board known as a "squeegee".
  • Solder Leveler
    A thin film of solder that is applied to through holes and copper pads on the surface of printed wiring boards to prevent oxidization. Also referred to as "pre-solder".
  • Solder Resist
    A heat-resistant coating material that is applied to certain areas on printed wiring boards, making it impossible for solder to adhere to these areas during soldering.
  • Spray Coat
    A method whereby solder resist that has been adjusted to a viscosity suitable for coating is atomized using a spray gun and sprayed onto the board to produce a membrane. Various methods exist, including airless spraying, air spraying, and rotational bell spraying.