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Completion of technologically advanced Ranzan Lab:
Strengthening new business creation and personnel development

*Photo taken at Taiyo Holdings, Ranzan Lab.

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A new R&D center enables forward-thinking evaluation of customer needs

Taiyo Holdings boasts the world’s top-class market share for solder resist (SR). As a global corporation, the marketing strength that enables us to identify the latest customer needs is vital to coming out ahead in the fierce competition with industry rivals. Also important is R&D capabilities. An environment that enables us to evaluate and develop the necessary functions and properties for next-generation products ahead of our competitors. To accelerate our development of new business, we conducted upgrades to our R&D center for the first time in 20 years. The result is the creation of the functional and efficient Ranzan Lab.

Speedy internal R&D in promising sectors

The Ranzan Lab sets itself apart from our previous testing facility by featuring the latest in the advanced equipment that will help us create new businesses. From high-performance analyzers such as NMR, GCMS, and LCMS to advanced measurement instruments such as FE-SEM, AFM, and a white light interference microscope, this new facility enables functional and speedy R&D. A major feature of the Ranzan Lab is the ability to conduct internal reliability evaluations for the wide range of materials we create. The Ranzan Lab gives us the ability to conduct aggressive R&D in fields related to the promising semiconductor sector.

In the past, we outsourced evaluations to external partners but the problem was that results took as long as three weeks. Conducting this work in-house will enable us to gain results in one to two days to vastly increase our research speed. Speed is vital to the creation of new business and this increased speed will help us expand our business domains.

A comfortable work environment led by engineers

There were two other notable objectives behind the creation of the Ranzan Lab. The first was our desire to create an environment that promoted personnel development. We focused on creating a space that stimulates the imagination and creativity that leads to the development new technology and things. The typical image of a research lab is a cold, inorganic environment but these renovations completely do away with that look to create a lab that doesn’t feel like a lab. We chose wood-grain lab tables and walls with vivid colors such as yellow and green to create a warm environment. We factored in necessary functionality and worker movement to emphasize size reductions and improve research efficiency.

The other objective was to create an environment that would allow various stakeholders to tour the Ranzan Lab. All the research rooms have glass doors that provide visibility from the hallways. This also promotes smooth communication between fellow researchers.

The renovated R&D facility Ranzan Lab follows the renovations we made to our offices and cafeteria. These renovations help invigorate engineers and encourage particularly the young staff to take leadership roles in research. We also are beginning to see new business opportunities being created through customers traveling to visit us and tour the newly completed lab. Moving forward, the Ranzan Lab will serve as a center for the acceleration of new business development activities.

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Nobuyuki Suzuki

Manager, R&D Dept.
R&D Div.

Joined company in 1989. Involved in all aspects of the plasma display panel (PDP) business, including startup, development, production, and sales.
After gaining experience as a sales director at an overseas subsidiary, in June 2016 Suzuki assumed the position of Manager in charge of the Ranzan Lab.

"Last update date August, 2016"