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New work uniforms:
The result of a proposal by young employees

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Our first project, achieving a goal

For the last two years we have worked aggressively towards building a new corporate environment. For example, we fully renovated our company cafeteria and offices to create completely new spaces that feature bountiful changes. We are making this commitment because we want to promote the development of personnel with the ability to think and act independently. In fact, these renovations led to increased communication between employees and elevated work motivation. And in July 2016, we completed the renewal of work uniforms, the first in 21 years. This came about as the result of a proposal by female employees in their third year with the company. This project was a part of our new environment creation and also represents the first project that saw an idea proposed by young employees evolve from concept to fruition.

Taking responsibility for concept design and presentation

Despite being a company that had created change by renovating our cafeteria and offices, our employee uniforms had been the same old design. This represented a major gap for new employees. Wouldn’t creating trendy uniforms that reflect the company’s new image make work more fun? We presented this idea to our company president two years ago at a company gathering. On the spot, the president responded, “then you should change that,” immediately granting approval for the project to get underway. But having just joined the company, everything was new to us and we were completely lost at first. It’s easy to say, “Let’s adopt a trendy design” but the four of us all had different ideas of what that meant and what we ended up with did not reflect what we thought we were ordering. It was around this time that we received advice and encouragement from a senior colleague. We first rethought our concept and then spent two months creating the concept of a fun uniform that promoted change and individual proactivity. During our presentation to the president and directors, we passionately explained the importance of creating new uniforms. We were provided an opportunity to make a presentation at a management planning conference attended by many employees where we conveyed that every aspect of uniform design and creation has a purpose. We finally received approval and were able to complete the uniforms.

New uniforms not inhibited by traditional form

For the new uniforms, we aimed to create a design that was not bounded by tradition. This is why we chose a slim silhouette and incorporated a stand-up collar. We also focused on functional aspects such as breathability and ease of movement so I think we succeeded in improving comfort. We also thought about the environmental impact of uniform manufacturing by using a carbon offset system that supports greenhouse gas-reducing businesses. Today, these uniforms are used by nearly 300 company employees, who have praised the uniforms for their comfort and ease of movement. Also, the experience gained through this project was a great opportunity for us. In the past, we tended to place limits on ourselves by assuming that something couldn’t be done but now we have the ability to think positively and proactively about what is required to complete any project. Today, we look forward to new challenges and believe that work will become even more enjoyable as more people in the workplace take on this mindset.

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Rina Yoshikawa

IJ Project

Joined company in 2014. Responsible for inkjet solder resist development since April 2016.
“Realized the company will let us try anything if it is for the benefit of the company.”

Maho Akimoto

R&D Sec. I, R&D Dept.
R&D Div.

Joined company in 2014. Works on new material and new product research not related to solder resist.
“I didn’t think that with a few fellow colleagues we could make a change that impacted the entire company.”

Ami Hirano

Secretary Sector
Human Resources and General Administration Dept.
Administration Div.

Joined company in 2014. Transferred from Personnel Management Section to Secretary Section in January 2015 and works as secretary to the president.
“I learned many things that have become a foundation for my work.”

"Last update date August, 2016"