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A better workplace for our future

*Photo taken at Taiyo Holdings, Taiyo Daycare Center.

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A workplace in harmony with matrimony and having children

President and CEO Eiji Sato has helped manage a number of companies. In that time he has always found it unfortunate when an employee resigns due to marriage or childbirth. He has seen many employees feel compelled to leave their position, and this always makes him wonder whether that person could have continued to play a useful role. These ideas of President Sato were realized with the establishment of the "Taiyo Daycare Center," which has created a more conducive working environment befitting a company built to last a century.

Three keys: nature, community, pedagogy

Three things were important to us when setting up the daycare center. The first was to establish facilities that make proper use of renewable energy with the idea of reducing the environmental impact as part of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. We installed solar panels and power storage systems that can provide power inside the buildings. These initiatives prioritize user safety as such designs ensure power supplies during blackouts and other emergencies.

The second point was to allow the children to interact with the local community and nature. Next to the daycare center we made a vegetable plot and a wooded landscape. Seasonal vegetables are grown in the vegetable plot, so the children can experience what it's like to harvest crops. In the wooded landscape they can catch beetles, raise great purple emperor butterflies (the national butterfly of Japan) and grow shiitake mushrooms. One of the ways we are drawing closer to the community is by giving the children an opportunity to build a wooded landscape in cooperation with location volunteer groups.

The third point we stressed was the teaching policy at the daycare center. The staff use the well-known Adler teaching method, in which the children are "encouraged without praising or scolding," thereby developing a child's independence. In addition, well-balanced meals using many local ingredients are prepared and served at lunchtime in the cafeteria. Some of our plans for the future include installing a pizza oven in the wooded landscape and holding events with other daycare centers.

A daycare center open to the community

Not only does the daycare center contribute to the welfare of employees, but also it plays a role in contributing to the community. Local residents can submit an application to the town office in order for their children to be accepted at the daycare center if there are any spaces. The mayor of Ranzan-machi attended our opening ceremony on December 1, 2015, which was a noteworthy event that was even covered by local TV. Some families that are concerned about the issue of being on waiting lists for other daycare centers are considering enrolling their children at the Taiyo Daycare Center, which is expected to be open to the local community.

At the time of opening, many employees realized the appeal of the daycare center after being introduced to its services and educational policies. In order to improve access by building the daycare center right in front of the workplace, we dug through a mountain and laid a new road, which makes it easier to come and go from the daycare center, and gives parents the feeling of being part of their child’s day even while at work. As our employees experience changes in their lives, whether through marriage, childbirth or childcare, they can still keep working with us. Creating this environment allows our employees to focus on their work, and to contribute to the realization of an enjoyable society in which the dream is to create various products for global use. As the Taiyo Group looks forward to the 100th year since its establishment, we will continue to create an environment that helps our employees to be productive.

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Shinsuke Nakamura

Assistant Manager, General Affairs Sec.
Human Resources & General Affairs Dept.
Administration Div.

After gaining experience in the HR department at the head office, Mr. Nakamura applied for a transfer to the production department to learn about how things work on the factory floor. Mr.Nakamura was later involved in HQ general affairs and setting up a plant overseas, then took his current post three years ago. He contributed to the setting up of the "Taiyo Daycare Center" as the on-site manager.

"Last update date December, 2015"