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Required Characteristics of Solder Resist

Solder resist must provide a variety of characteristics.
Required characteristics during the manufacturing process (coating and patterning) affect the productivity of printed wiring board manufacture. Solder resist is also required to be a permanent mask (i.e. a protective coating), as it protects the circuit pattern during chemical treatment in the assembly and testing process, and during extended use in products.
As the characteristics demanded of solder resist differ according to the type of boards, coating methods, nature of assembly and testing process, final application, and other factors, Taiyo Group has developed several hundred varieties of products and provides a diverse lineup.
Taiyo Group provides precise responses to industry demands for ever-more-sophisticated and diverse solder resist characteristics with its accumulated technology.

  • Main characteristics required by the manufacturing process (coating and patterning)

  • Main characteristics required as a permanent mask (protective coating)

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