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Solder Resist Manufacturing Process

In order to provide a stable supply of quality products, Taiyo Group manufactures solder resist in an extremely clean environment and carefully controls temperature and humidity.
Because we deal with several hundred types of solder resist, we maintain consistent process control from material procurement to product shipment in order to achieve multi-product production.

  • 秤量・配合

  • Weighing and Input

    In the input process, anywhere between 10 to 20 types of raw materials are weighed and added.

  • 矢印

  • 攪拌

  • Mixing

    A mixer is used to pre-mix the solder resist.

  • 矢印

  • 練肉

  • Milling

    The solder resist is thinned and mixed evenly using a roll mill or similar equipment.

  • 矢印

  • 調整・仕上

  • Adjustment and Finishing

    Product containers are filled with the finished solder resist.

Solder Resist Dispersion (Milling) Process via Roll Mill

Solder Resist Dispersion (Milling) Process via Roll Mill

Using the shear force generated by rollers travelling at different speeds, the agitated paste is dispersed thinly to produce an ink. Roll pressure, temperature, and other conditions are adjusted carefully to improve quality and productivity according to the type of products.

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